Meghan and Dylan-Married-Muskoka

Meghan is one of the most relaxed brides you will ever meet, and her mother is the biggest sweet heart. This wedding was so much fun designing for because of all the little added details. Remember that famous wedding rhyme? … Continued

Ashlee and Adrian-Married- Muskoka Wedding

Meet Ashlee and Adrian! You’ll love them, we certainly do! These two are such gentle and loving people (the genuine kind). It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of their special, daisy love inspired wedding day. Ashlee loves daisies, … Continued

Leah and Chris- Married- Pinewood Park North Bay

I don’t know where to begin! I have known Leah for years. We worked together for many summers, and when I say “work” I mean we sold, tested and played with Canoes and Kayaks at Swift Canoe and Kayak. Not really work. I have had the privilege … Continued

Jenn and Paul- Married- Muskoka Barn Wedding

Jenn and Paul are amazing people, who had an amazing idea for a wedding venue! For the floral designer it makes the task of designing that much more thrilling when you have this kind of back drop to work with. A glamorous … Continued

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