An Elegant Wedding in North Bay

Introducing two of the sweetest people you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting, C and A and their totally elegant wedding day! These two were so fantastic to work with. We chatted flowers ‘in house’ one day, talking hydrangea, ranunculus, roses, peonies, stephanotis and the couples must, curly willow! They really love their curly willow! C’s bouquet featured some bridal favourites and must-haves; stephanotis, peonies, roses and ranunculus- this beauty smelled delicious! C and A’s big day was gorgeous. From the wedding party, to the décor, to the pictures. Have a look and be inspired by this romantic big day.

C and A- Wishing you all the very best! Thank you for the honour of being a part of your day.
Big thanks to wmacphotography for the pictures. Have you peeked at her work? She’s wonderful.

2013-06-26_0028 2013-06-26_0029 2013-06-26_0030 2013-06-26_0031 2013-06-26_0032 2013-06-26_0033 2013-06-26_0034 2013-06-26_0035 2013-06-26_0036

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