B and D-Married on an Island-Muskoka

We have been anxiously waiting to share this wedding with all of you (hence our constant sneak peeks and mentions of this breathtaking day). This wedding was a special and memorable one. Why? Well it wasn’t only because it was one of the most wet wedding days, it wasn’t only because of the amazing location (an island filled with charm), it wasn’t only because of the well thought out details, and it wasn’t only because of the indescribably wonderful couple…no, it was because of ALL of these aspects and more that this wedding rocked our world! We’ve experienced a lot of ‘new’ things in our lives and this wedding had a few firsts for us. We set out to the venue with our rubber boots and rain gear on a barge. Try and picture a large amount of florals, two ‘dressed up’ girls and our chauffeur, the groom Dan travelling across the lake on their barge to their island-drenched! After set up, we were soaked, yet smiling after flinging around the wedding site with a beaming and beautiful bride.

Although their wedding day was an incredibly wet one (rain on your wedding day is good luck remember!), it was an incredibly beautiful one too. A wedding with impeccable details, a Segwun steamship, pirates, Muskoka cottage charm and a whole lot of love!

Barb and Dan, you have left us speechless with all of your kind words. We cannot express how honored we were to be a part of your special day. We truly wish you the very best and hope you keep in touch!

Much love!

Big thanks to Scott Turnbull for the beautiful photo’s! Check out his work here…Turnbull Photography

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