M and G-Married

Here is M and G’s hot hot pink wedding day!

M loves lilies and wanted lots of lilies (and lots of bright pink) for their day.  She also had a request to have a very important picture attached to her bouquet, a picture of her grandmother. We loved the sentimental touch! This wedding was definitely a family affair, with her Aunt and cousin’s being around for a lot of the planning and aiding in all the little details.

M and G, wishing you the very best! Thank you!


Thanks to Tracy Fowler! Have you checked her work out yet? Please do! Family tree photography

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  1. sundr

    You ladies did such a spectacular job yet again!
    I was so touched seeing the photo of the bride’s “nana’, (who was my late great aunt as well) attached to the flower stems. It was such a personal, and creative idea, it brought tears to my eyes as I was photographing the beautiful day.

    Thanks for the support and using my images as well.


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    Family Tree Photography
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